It’s the End of the World?

If you remember earlier this month there were several reports of flocks of birds falling from the sky and fish dying in large numbers in Arkansas.  Now we go from feet of snow one day to lovely 60+ degree days back to another 6-8 inches of the white death.  Oh and don’t forget the blizzard winds and white out conditions… twice.

Mud pit part 1


Today we’ve been blessed with super thick fog most of the day.  But it’s okay because the thunderstorm has chased away the fog.  Yah, we still have about 6 inches of snow on the ground that was melted a bit the last few days just in time to make a really nice quagmire of mud.  I’m sure that sometime soon the giant meteors will start falling, huge tsunamis will find land, and the Earth will flip polarities.  Yah, I’m a fan of disaster movies.  I’m ready!

Mud pit part 2


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