Monday Mix-up v.11

I’m officially counting down to my birthday.  Not only is it my big Three-Oh but I’m also able to pull in St. Pat’s day a couple of days prior and the day of my birthday I’m tailgating my favorite hockey team.  Talk about a weekend of super fun.  Can’t wait!

My Next Thirty Years~ Tim McGraw

Again, not a huge country fan but this seemed appropriate for some reason.  Don’t know why.

Plowed~ Sponge

Welcome back to the music of the 90s.  Love it!

Bailamos~ Enrique Iglesias

I’ve said it time and time again I really want to learn how to latin dance.  This is one that I can’t help but to dance in the car when it comes on.

At Last~ Etta James

If this isn’t the perfect song to grab a glass of wine and relax to I don’t know what is.

I’ll Be There For You~ Bon Jovi

We’ve all been in those places where we need someone.  A shoulder to cry on or someone to move a body couch.


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