Peeve Number… oh I’ve Lost Count.

Who knew?

Working at a hospital presents some challenges.  Working at a veterans hospital presents a whole new batch of challenges you might not have thought about.  Say for instance the fact that if you’re not using an electric wheelchair of some kind (hellooooo HoverRound) you’re in the minority and better know how to dodge those things.  Think dodge ball nightmare meets bumper cars in a hallway.  Needless to say you have to be agile when walking around the joint.

Is this my peeve? No.

Because of the huge number of these motorized contraptions the one handicap stall in our little three stall bathroom sees some use.  Now, picture this.  You walk into the tiny bathroom (presuming it’s not during one of the 30 times a day it gets “cleaned”) and the first two standard stalls are occupied but the giant spa of a handicap stall is free.  What do you do?  I know what you SHOULD do.  Ok for those whose mothers didn’t teach them better I’ll break it down for you… you stand patiently in line leaving the handicap stall free for oh, say… SOMEONE WHO’S HANDICAPPED.

Here’s the peeve part… ready?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been waiting my turn for one of the standard stalls to become available and I get the evil eye from a perfectly mobile woman as she passes the line up to go into the larger stall.  I’m not talking badly of people in obvious need of a bathroom right this very moment because they’re going to be sick.  Those poor people get a pass in my mind.  I’m not even talking about the very rotund people who have difficulties fitting into the 1×3 foot space a standard stall provides (I’ve been there and it sucks).  I’m talking about the people who just can’t get over being inconsiderate.  The best part? Most of the time these rude people leave that stall and there’s a person in a wheelchair, has a walker, or just can’t fit into a standard stall for whatever reason standing in line staring them down.  Where’s your walk of shame now Ms Inconsiderate?  Oh, there it is.


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