Here Fishy!

Last week I decided I wanted to try my hand at fishing again.  I used to go with my grandfather when I was little.  When the fish we caught were smaller than the worms we used as bait.  I did my research and found a lake near by that isn’t considered Urban (I already believe that every body of water has at least one dead body in it and I don’t need to reinforce this idea.) and even figured out how to get a license. 

Sunday morning comes and on my way I go.  After a stop at Hellmart for my license and some bait I’m off!  I decided that I would use good old fashioned worms since they seemed to do the trick twenty years ago.  Nightcrawlers to be exact.  Do I know why these are different from plain old worms?  No.  Do I care?  Not really.

Not this kind of Nightcrawler.

 Did I catch anything?  Yes!  Was it fish?  NO!  I managed to feed any fish that came near my pole (laugh, it’s funny in all kinds of ways).  But I did have a good time and I plan to make this a regular practice.  I also picked out some nice new camping spots while I was there.  So I’m looking forward to that.



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