I Did My Duty

One of the perks of working in a hospital is that the facility tends to like to keep their employees healthy.  Go figure.  Part of that includes vaccines free of charge.  Yes, I said that lovely four letter word.  I jump on the bandwagon for the flu shots every year.  I figure I could get sick from the shot or the flu and I’ll take my chances with the shot. 

I hear you over there saying “silly, it’s not flu shot time.”  To which I say “DUH”.  I didn’t get a flu shot today.  I got a good old-fashioned tetanus booster.  Which really is called Tdap now and covers not just tetanus but also diphtheria and pertussis (whooping-cough). 

You do know you’re supposed to get a booster shot every ten years, right?  So did I.  When was my last shot?  I was about 12.  Ok, stop doing the math.  I know I’m over a little.  Just remember it doesn’t hurt.  Not a lie.  Really doesn’t hurt.  But then I’ve got one too many tattoos for most people to believe me when I say a needle doesn’t hurt.


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