Step One Down

It's not like that I swear.

Remember waaaaay back when I said I was applying to nursing school? How about a little less on the waaaaay back side of things when I said every time I even thought about the application I would have a panic attack?  Consider that all behind me since just about ten minutes ago I submitted the first part of my application to the KU School of Nursing.  I say first part because it really is one of about three parts.

Part one: basic background information. 

Where I live.  That was an easy one.

What color am I? Well…. um…. yah… I cashed in on the tribal card my family historian managed to validate enough for me to receive.

What schools I’ve attended.  Easy enough.

What classes I took during every term I was in school in addition to those that I’m planning on taking as prerequisites.  WOW!  Hello transcripts!

Required “why I want to be a nurse” essay.  How to stand out from all of the people touting how many generations of nurses they have in their family and the ones that sing high praises of a special nurse in a particular time of need?  Let’s just say that I found my angle and until I’m officially accepted I’m not letting in on the secret.

References.  Even Hitler could find three people to say he was a good guy.  I’m super lucky that I’ve got some really great pharmacists in my corner pulling for me.

Pay up.  Done.  $45 later I have officially applied to nursing school.

Part two isn’t really anything I have to do so much as sit and wait patiently for the transcripts to be sent from my previous institutions to the company administering the application.  Caught that little “patient” word did you?  HA!  I can do it.  Really.  Ok maybe I need a hobby to keep myself from checking every ten minutes.

Part three is a written interview.  The site describes it as “a series of questions in which you have the opportunity to tell us about your written background and experiences”.  Not real sure on that but I like to write so it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with something that makes even a shred of sense.   Part three will cost me $60 too.

If you’re keeping tabs that’s $45 for the first part, $60 for the third part, and I forgot to mention that the transcripts have cost me $5.  Running total so far is $110.  Just to apply.  Have to love that.

I’ll keep you all updated as I find out my progress through these hoops.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.


3 thoughts on “Step One Down

  1. For the written background on your life just save them some time and send them the link to your blog….I just love reading blogs!!!

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