Feelin’ Groovy

What stress?

Stressed doesn’t even begin to describe how my summer has been.  Nursing school has been applied to so that’s not a real issue… paying for it when the promised scholarship through work has been cut due to lack of funding is a huge problem.  The last rerequsite class has also had to be dropped for a similar reason (different scholarship but same story).  So frustration all around. 

I had a great weekend taking time for myself and escaping the stress for a few days.  Not really wanting to go back to work or think about school.  But that’s what makes us grown-ups, right?  When I was going through my morning routine I was taken by surprise by the number on the scale.  I found not the usual 178-180 but a new number not seen in I have no idea how long. That’s right friends 175 popped up today! 

No, your eyes are not playing games with you.  A woman posted her actual weight for all the world to see.  I am that happy about this change!  I’m exactly 75 pounds down from where I started almost two years ago.  There is a bit of light in my gloomy little corner of the world.

75 pounds lost and not missed
75 pounds lost and not missed

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