Something is Chasing Me? Ok, RUUUUUUN!

I’ve always said that I don’t run unless I’m trying to get away from some big scary slobbering gimme-gotcha**.  Call this my running rule.  I had a friend complete the Warrior Dash and for a few hours that sounded like something I’d like to do.  Then I remembered my running rule.

Now I come across this race that just sounds too fun.  Yes, it’s a 5k.  That’s just over three miles to all of my non-runner friends.  It’s even got obstacles involved.  Ok that makes the monotony of running a bit more entertaining.  Toss in zombies chasing you and how can I say no?  It definitely follows my running rule.  So… How far is Indianapolis and who’s going to do this with me?  Come on people!  It’s Zombies!!!!


**This was “cop” until I dated one and it just became too funny to me so I changed it to what you now see.

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