Soup! Glorious Soup!

Taco Soup

It’s starting to feel like that time of year again.  The time when it’s no longer as hot as the sun outside and it’s just starting to turn cool and crisp.  I love it!

Cool and crisp air means it’s prime soup time.  I love soup.  Really I do.  Chowders, chili, and plain old hot brothy goodness. 

I give you the simplicity of Taco Soup.

Soup Fixins

 Browning the meat really is the hardest part in this recipe I promise.  The key to the amazing taste is the packet of ranch dressing mix.  Make sure you grab the dressing packet and leave the dip packet at the store.  It just won’t work.

What you see above is the basic ingredients.  You can add more veggies/meat/beans if you like.  If I had my say I would add a larger can of corn and maybe another can of white beans.  But I have to feed someone else and they don’t care for corn.  Blah The other piece of information you will need is if the can of stuff has juice/liquid in it just dump it in!  After everything is in the soup pot (or crock pot if you’re like me) you can add as much water to get the consistency that you like.  Want it more stout?  Don’t add any water at all. 

See? Soup-er simple.  Yes, I just did that.

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