I’m Not Dead Yet



It never fails. One of my few relatives that I’m still talking to comes into town and I’m sick.  Grandma Julie comes to town about every other year from the far away land of should-have-sunken-years-ago-so-they-say California. She’s my Mom’s mom. And for those of you that wonder where I get it (“it” can be many things here) I blame this side of the family. So I really don’t want to miss a visit when I can help it. 

Through the great therapeutic massage I was able to snag off of one of those deal-a-day sites I’m able to say that I’m feeling much better. Or maybe it was the orange death flavor cold med.  Or the extra naps. Or sweating it out while cooking for my huge family (adopted counts too!) of eight for a combo birthday dinner for half of them.  Hmmm ok well maybe I don’t know what it is that got me feeling better.  Damn.

I did get some craft fair time in this weekend. When did these things turn into “yah, I could/do make that and it sure doesn’t cost me THAT much”? Guess I’m old like that. Or just super queen of the crafters. Yah.  That’s it. 

Anyway the best part about the craft thing?  The petting zoo.  Not even kidding (bad goat reference, sorry). Mom agreed too.  She even made a new little friend. 

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