I Know. I Know!


I have to admit something to you, my dear readers. I’ve messed up and I feel that I need to come clean.

Like everyone I have family members that I really don’t like to claim. One of mine has a blog that somehow I got sucked into a couple of years ago. Last winter I went cold turkey and haven’t looked back.

Until today.

I could blame it on my fever but that would be a lie as this bug doesn’t come with one. I could say it was an accidental bookmark selection but since I’m having to do a factory reset on my phone a few times a day I no longer have any bookmarks. It was a moment of weakness. That’s all I know.

In this little weak moment did I find anything interesting? Anything that I’m sad to have missed in my eleven months of absence? Nope. Not a single thing. I really don’t know if that makes my discretion better or worse. I will say that I think it will make it easier to once again forget one of my least favorite members if my family and her little blog too.


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