Foodie Things I’m Tired Of





Before anyone can start fussing that the gluten free thing doesn’t deserve to be in this collection let me say that indeed there is a population that truly medically need to avoid gluten foods. However how trendy is this new catch phrase?  Go down any grocery store aisle and I’ll bet that you can find at least a dozen items labeled gluten free in giant flashy letters.  So kudos to the food industry for acknowledging a need however most people do not need this type of product and I’m tired of seeing it everywhere.

Cupcakes.  Yah.  Don’t like cake and I really don’t understand the off kilter ratio of frosting to cake. 

Home donut machines?  Really?!  These just need to go away and leave donuts to the professionals (is there anything better than hot fresh glazed goodness straight off the belt?)

Macaroons?  Well fancy sandwich cookies are just pretentious. And pastel? No thanks… Easter eggs are the only pastel food that should be allowed.

One thought on “Foodie Things I’m Tired Of

  1. Good call on the Gluten-Free items being used by people who don’t really need it. I don’t know enough about it to speak on it–and it’s definitely a real ailment for some, but I feel like it might be turning into a diet or fad like being vegan where some people choose to do it for attention..

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