That Old Black Magic


A few weeks ago I got a Keurig drink station. It is more than a coffee maker.  Its very basic function is too heat water in specific quantities based on the model. In the box along with my new favorite gadget was a sample of eleven different flavors of coffee and one tea K-cup. A K-cup resembles a creamer cup you see in restaurants but about three times the size. Open Keurig’s lid, pop a K-cup in, close the lid, and select the cup size you want to brew.  Ta-da! Sweet nectar pours into the awaiting coffee cup below.  At less than a dollar a cup I’m so happy to be able to have great coffee at the press of a button. 

Remember that sample pack I mentioned? One of the flavors is Dark Magic.  A smooth, deep, solid cup.  Flavored coffees are good sometimes but not regularly. At least for me.  Granted Folgers has K-cups and that’s all fine but I seriously suggest Keurig owners get a box of Dark Magic.  Amazing stuff people.  I like the apple cider, the chai, and the teas but this is by far my favorite.

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One thought on “That Old Black Magic

  1. I loved my Kuerig until dearest daughter put milk in there for hot chocolate and the thing was ruined. Amazon has good prices on k-cups, the green mountain one is really good!

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