Yes, I’m Failing


This is the part where I get to tell you that I’ve become totally complacent and I’m paying for it.  The holiday season is more than just nonstop eating of super rich tasty treats.  I know! I was surprised too.

Over the summer I was able to spend quite a bit of time outside. I’d take hikes, go fishing, and spend time camping.  I miss all of that fun.  I never thought about it as exercise. I haven’t gotten a lapband fill in a very long time and I’m sure that if I’d really been working with my band how I’m supposed to I would be at my goal. But I haven’t.

Drinking 60+ ounces of water a day? Nope
Getting 60+ grams of protein a day? Doubt it.
Exercise regularly? Not really.
Drink with meals? Most of the time.

See what I mean? Failure at each piece of the program.  Well call it a reason or call it an excuse it is what it is.  And Thursday I will take my first baby step back into the bandy fold. I’m getting a fill.

But the family holiday weekend is in a few days, you say? Yes.  I’ll still be on liquids when the rest of the family is gorging on Monica’s famous lasagna.  And I’ll still be on mushy foods when the other half of the family is digging into chicken fried steak that I’ll be making.  And you know what? I’m ok with all of that.  It’s the time spent with these people that I’m most looking forward too not the garlic breaded goodness or the gravy smothered beefyness.  Yah that’s it.  🙂

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