Anniversary Trip Recap

Um, hello?  Yes, as promised (seems I do a lot of that) here’s all the info on our anniversary trip.  Yah, it was in November.  So in no particular order I give you the Brannon’s Take Branson:


Ripley's Odditorium

Ripley’s Odditorium was interesting.  We both thought this was a fun stop.  Was it worth the regular admission price of $17.99 plus tax per person?  HELL NO!!!  Was it worth the $10 plus tax we spent because I was able to clean out my cupboards donate food to Harvesters for a discount on tickets? Definately.

Time Share favorite!

Hubby’s parents let us use their timeshare while we were away.  It was amazing!  I love the wooded areas all around the condo.  Too bad it was raining most of the time so I didn’t have a chance to wander around in the beauty.  That’s ok I was perfectly content to spend time in the giant tub or in front of the fireplace.

Yet another fine example of how to relax.

I need to win a lottery so I can retire super early.

Got to see Bass Pro turtles on our way home.


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