Douce, Crap, and Poo.

I insist that you have indeed read that title correctly. Yes this is going to be one of the over-sharing posts I rarely publish (stop laughing, I hear you).

Before the holiday a friend asked me about having a lap bad.  I pride myself on my honesty with this topic and proceeded to tell her about it all. From getting approved to mourning the loss of my beloved potatoes in my diet.

The one thing that I completely forgot about though was poop.  How could I forget about that? Why is that even a topic a person thinking about getting banded should know about?  Well like the book says everyone poops and bandsters poop different than most. 

When I go to my surgeon’s office the hot little gay man asks me about how much water I get a day, how much protein I’m eating, and if I’m pooping every 2-3 days.  Yah.  Two to three days. Before getting banded I was an every day kinda girl. Post band surgery I fit into that 2-3 day group.  It makes sense though.  Less food in means less mess out.  This also means, at least for me, tender stomach that can get down right painful.

Until I tried the fiber gummys at Walgreens. Holy banded bathroom Batman! I’m back to every day (much less volume mind you of course) and my tummy is so much better.  Two yummy gummys a day and I’m feeling fine I tell you. No more tender tummy too.

Spread the word! Gummys will save the world!


One thought on “Douce, Crap, and Poo.

  1. I’m cracking up over here!
    My husband had lapband about 2 years ago, so I was with him every step of the way and feel like I know enough to make it through my own journey and be fairly successful. But at my dietician appt, the doc asked if he’d mentioned constipation. Uhh…no, no he didn’t! granted, 2 years ago, we had just gotten together! I guess constipation wasn’t really on the list of things to talk about at that stage. 🙂
    I’ll have to try some of those gummy things when I get my band…

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