I’m an Innovator

You’d be surprised that most of the time I don’t crave what I can no longer tolerate. We’re talking food here people not coworkers or ex-boyfriends. Because that’s a whole different kind of post. 

Now there have been exceptions.  Sushi, for example, I miss dearly. Oh I will order sashimi occasionally to take the edge off (naked raw fish aka bait like my husband says) but the mere thought of a nice piece of unagi kicks my salivary gland into overdrive.

Lately my obsession has been over a bologna sandwich. I’ve come to grips that bread is not part of my banded life so this has made the last few weeks that much worse.

How does all of this make me an Innovator?  From the bottom up picture this: plate, thick piece of bologna, thin smear of mayo, slice of American cheese, light smear of yellow mustard, and a smear of sweet relish. Ta-da!  It isn’t the prettiest thing but when lettuce is off the menu with the bread even lettuce wraps aren’t an option. Desperate times and all that.

Go try it. Really. I’ll just sit here waiting patiently for the Nobel folks to catch on.



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