It’s ok. I Know I’m Odd.

Warning: a not so socially acceptable topic of conversation is to follow.


Yes, that's what you think it is.

When it comes to my health I try to keep everything working.  I get my flu shot every year, visit my surgeon when he says to, and get my annual well woman check up.  “Well woman” really is just a nicer way to say “scrape your tender girly bits with a bottle brush” but I go all the same. Is it my favorite thing to do? Not in the least. But I’ve gone every year for about the last 16 years and it serves for more than just renewing my prescription.

About 12 years ago I had a pap come back abnormal. Shortly following that was a biopsy which also came back abnormal. Which led to a cryo treatment (frozen inner lady bits are no fun) and all of my tests since then have been fine. I go every year to make sure they are normal.

So this year I visited with my speed talking doc and can’t help to feel that I’m giving her a change of pace. You see in a completely packed waiting room there was only two of us that weren’t pregnant. Myself (sorry Mom) and the husband of another patient.  While sitting there waiting my turn all I could think about was a friend telling me to keep my legs crossed and don’t breathe and I would not catch what everyone else had.  And that totally explained my Cheshire grin.


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