Fun With Fundraiser Dough


Not the best pic but you get the idea.

A little while ago Hubby brought home a tub of cookie dough he purchased from a school kid learning how to solicit her wares (girl scout cookie hawking angst speaking, sorry).  With just the two of us here that’s a lot of cookies waiting to be baked. I thought about baking them all up and giving them out but at $15 a tub that thought made my frugal bone twitch. Yes, I am aware that this stuff keeps for a while but even with only baking three to four cookies every few weeks I’m sure it would go bad before we could use it all.

The solution? The waffle iron. I will thank Pinterest for this one. No idea the original site it came from though.
My waffle iron is a Belgian style so it makes thicker style waffles. With this in mind I decided try about a half a cup of dough flattened out into a square-ish shape and placed in the already hot iron for 3-4 minutes. Taking them out was trickier than I thought it would be because at that point they were still quite soft. After cooling for just a few moments they crisped up nicely.

I still have to find a better way of getting rid of this stuff but for the moment this is different enough to keep my interest.

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