Still Don’t Like It


I like trying new foods. I’ve found several things that surprised me with how tasty they were.  Frog legs, escargot, spanakopita, saag, and liver are among that which I have found delicious.

Not everything I have tried has turned out so good though. I don’t care for jicama, radishes, rabbit, or figs. And no matter how many varieties of pear I try I can’t get over the grainy texture.

I was told that the Asian pear would be the perfect thing for me. It was described as having the flavor of a pear, which I like, but with the texture of an apple. I’ll try it.

It took a few stores before I located a beautiful specimen. Cutting a small slice to try I find that it isn’t nearly as gritty as the other pears I’ve sampled. But it IS gritty. I think that pears of all variety are officially on the ‘don’t like’ list.


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