As I have previously shared with you I am not very good with understanding technology. I can make computers do what I want but don’t ask me about HTML or how many gigs are in a gaggle. That part is all foreign to me. I know that the higher the number of megapixels a camera is the better the pictures typically (but not always is the case I’m told).

I have a Mac and an iPod so it is a natural progression that my next phone would be an iPhone. I’ve been a Blackberry baby and most recently an Android amateur. As much as I liked the Blackberry I found that much of my time was spent pulling the battery doing hard resets. The Android was much of the same thing. So why get a phone that doesn’t have an accessible battery? Because my Mac has never caught a bug and I’ve heard such good things about iPhones.

I’m working on finding the apps I like. That really is the hardest part. I know the Droid apps that worked well for me and finding replacements is proving to be a bit tricky. So I ask my iPhone owning (past and present) friends for suggestions. I’ve got the basic ones of course. But share your favorites please.


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