Get up! Come’on Get Down With the Sickness

I am an allergy sufferer. Always have been. So when the white flowers on the trees pop and my car is covered in a nice greenish yellow dusting of pollen I know my life is going to suck. My usual issue is sinus drainage. Which led me to have to go see my surgeon’s PA to get an unfill (couldn’t keep down milk) last week. Only to be told to keep my appointment this week for a follow up.

I’m so happy I went in when I did for the follow up. Almost a full week of burgers and fries just because I COULD was going to get ugly. Stupid f’ed up brain. But that’s a whole different post.

I get done with my surgeon who put a half cc back in and I go to work. We are understaffed so I feel the need to get there quickly. Most of the afternoon I’m freezing. Being cold isn’t uncommon for me since surgery but this was different. But I also had class to go to straight from work so my day wasn’t over yet. Since missing lab means 15 points automatically lost it’s important I attend. However I’m still freezing. We’re talking huddle up to the ceramic heater we use to sterilize the tools we use kind of cold.

I get home and take my temp since I know when I’m that cold that I’m usually running a fever of some kind. Yup! 103.something.

I hate fevers. They wipe me. I may actually go see a health professional today.


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