Day 4: Failure and Disappointment

Just when I thought I’d convinced myself that this waking up super early to exercise thing was going well I find a speed bump. Up at 4am yesterday due to an alarm clock fluke from the other side of the bed on a day I have class till 9:30pm means a shot of espresso at 1 and a coffee at 5. Sounds fine until I’m in bed doing deep breathing exercises to try to fall asleep at 1am. Finally drift off only to be startled awake by a dog that can’t hold it at 2:30. Alarm goes off at 5 and… I turn it off.

As my dear husband pointed out last night when I was whining about being sore, if I quit now it will just be harder to start again. I hate when he’s right.

Jillian wins today but I’ll be fighting back again tomorrow.



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