The Great Debate OR The God Nextdoor?

If you will recall; I live in a strange part of town. Methman has been quiet for several months now. I think he really has gotten sober finally. And I congratulate him on that milestone. However, while taking the dogs out before bed tonight I was called over by Pothead to settle a debate he and his cousin were having. They both agreed that Methman is now sober and that he isn’t socializing with them any longer. They even agreed that Methman has “screwed over” the cousin on a law mower deal. Here’s the part that they wanted my input about: since Methman is a 13th son of a 13th son does that make him a god? I can’t even explain how happy I was for the cover of night. That’s a new one on me. My answer? “I don’t know anything about his family. Sorry guys.” Judging by the continued shouting I’m going to venture a guess that I didn’t help either side of the argument. Although as much fun as drugged out drunken “geniuses” can be it is entirely too late for this behavior. Good thing I have earplugs handy.



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