Tweet! Tweet!

Like most of this country I use the computer. Duh, this is a blog! I have an iPhone and use Google and Facebook more times a day than I can count. I had tried using Twitter previously and just didn’t see the point with Facebook around. It took a while but I’m back on Twitter.

What changed? Media. I subscribe to several email lists for coupon deals as well as participate in text only specials sponsored by my favorite places. No, I’m not one of those people they make tv shows about. Not even close.

The next logical step for me was Twitter. I can subscribe to different company’s feeds and get freebies or cheapies. My favorite things. I’m even following several of my favorite food blog queens and have gotten special deals there too!

So as much as I think that email lists, blog feeds, and Facebook have already given me enough to read it looks like I’ll be keeping Twitter around. Any people/companies worth following that you can suggest?

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