Where Am I?

Like most grocery stores these days Hen House has a savings card. Since I like to shop at several different stores I’ve amassed quite a collection of these things.

While making dinner tonight I noticed the label on the ground beef I was cooking. I took the package directly out of the Hen House grocery sack and started making dinner. So you can understand my entertained but confused reaction when I saw this:


So how did my Hen House meat get a label that told me about its’ Price Chopper Shopper price? No idea. But the store manager didn’t find it nearly as funny as I.


One thought on “Where Am I?

  1. We wound up getting rid of most of our cards. They wound up confusing us, and we figured most of the time they have a generic one to scan for you. We kept the one for our primary grocery store, but slimmed down the wallet of the rest.

    Also, just so you know – your movie suggestion for “What movie would benefit most from the addition of a dragon?” is one of the finalists! It’s a very big deal. I suggest shameless self-promotion.

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