Why McDonalds?

Like many other people I follow various coupon and deal sites.  One of these sites led me to McDonalds’ promotion site for a coupon for a buy-one-get-one-free summer drink (Frappe, Frozen Lemmonade, etc).  I filled out the coupon info that it requested.  Simply my name and my email address.  Ok, I get it.  I printed the coupon off on a printer that only has black ink and went on with my day. 

Fast forward a few weeks to this morning when I tried to use this coupon.  Well… here’s the email I just sent to McDonalds Corporate office via their web page:

I had printed a coupon from the McDonalds site for a buy one get one free summer drink. I pulled up to the ordering menu at the drive through and told the person that I was talking to that I had this coupon and that I’d like two medium mocha frappes. I didn’t get a total but was told to pull to the first window.  I did as was asked. I hand the coupon to the woman at the window and she calls for a manager but apologizes for my wait. It’s fine. I understand that coupons sometimes have to be verified.  The manager comes to the window, looks at the coupon, then proceeds to tell me that it’s a copy and they will not be taking it. I told the woman that I was NOT a copy. That I printed it off the website MYSELF. She then tells me that it’s black and white and therefore is a copy and she will not be taking it. I pointed out that on the bottom of the coupon was my name and would gladly show her my ID. I actually had to hand over my drivers license to prove to her that I was indeed the person on the coupon. She shoved my license back at me, mumbled something in Spanish, and walked off. The cashier then said that it was fine and told me the total. I paid but as she was handing my change to me she told me that the last time she took a black and white coupon it came out of her paycheck. I am not mad at her. The treatment I got from the manager was appalling!  I don’t have access to a color printer! The coupon NEVER said it had to be in color to  be accepted.

If you’d like to try this coupon out for yourself here’s the link and good luck to you.  Remember to have your ID ready if it’s in black and white… oh and be prepared to be treated like you’re stealing from them.

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