Holy Bacon!

A headache had me running to my local Walgreens store this morning in search for some headache powder. On my way to the register I passed a discreet end cap displaying jerky. Blah I thought. Then I saw the magic word. BACON. Ok I’ll check the numbers out. So often I find jerky that isn’t as high in protein as what I’d like. Well that and sometimes it’s texture is too dry and I can’t choke it down.

In one ounce of this thick sliced piggy pieces is a whopping 7 grams of protein. Ok what’s one ounce? A third of a package roughly. And for only 150 calories I think I can find a way to love this bacon goodness.

But is it good? If you are the kind of person that eats leftover breakfast bacon straight from the Baggie in the fridge then you will love this! (ok I know… who really has LEFTOVER bacon?). Definitely worth the less than $5 I paid for it.


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