This was my first go at smoking ribs. I’ve smoked several butts and love them so much but what kind of backyard BBQ queen would I be of I couldn’t make ribs? With some guidance from some friends that are better than good at their own smokey endeavors I set out to try my hand.

Toss some secret rub on a rack of ribs, wrap in foil, smoke at 225 for 2 hours, unwrap, and continue smoking for about three more hours or until the bones are easily removed.

SUCCESS!!!! Now, I’m just waiting for the husband to come home from work before I finish all of these myself. Truth be told. I made two racks and have only tasted two ribs before placing them in a nice cooler wrapped in a towel to keep them hot.

Now I only have 8 more degrees till the two butts I put in are ready to come out.

Sister’s boyfriend’s birthday party is going to be yummy!


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