Popped My Cherry On TJ’s Sausages!

I am lucky enough to have a Trader Joe’s near one of my doctor’s offices. The metro actually has two stores but the Kansas store doesn’t sell booze and really what’s the point of that? I’ve heard great things about these stores from various sites on the web so when I found out there was going to be one close-ish I danced. The store has been around for just over a year and I just now got enough guts to try fighting the crowd. It was so very worth the fight!

TJ’s is famous for their “two buck chuck” wines. I’ve got a bottle of white Zinfandel chilling that really was $2.99! I can’t wait to try it an see if it worth all the hype.

My grocery bill was $43 today. For five bottles of wine (2.99-5.99), a six pack of house beer (less than $3), a package of frozen rosemary chicken legs/thighs, a half gallon of skim milk, and two reusable grocery bags. And let me not forget the maple apple chicken sausages that I made for dinner.


The sausage selection was really impressive. There are so many more favors that I want to go back for later but today I went with chicken sausage. With the maple and apple flavoring I expected a sweeter mild flavor. These surprised me with how these might be better for breakfast than dinner. Or at least serve them with some pancakes. Were they good? Oh yes!


I am really going to have to go back for more goodies. It is definitely worth the extra miles.

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