Shhhh It’s a Secret

My mom’s birthday is in about two weeks and I got her an experience for her gift!  It’s ok Mom does read my blog but her experience is in a few days and she already knows about it (not to mention that it takes her a while to catch up on all of my bloggy stuff… Love ya Mom!).

What kind of experience does one get for ones mother?

Yup, I got her elephants!

Well not elephants exactly so much as a trip to the circus.  She hasn’t gone since she was little and the only one that I remember going to my dad was in charge of cleaning up “packy-poo”.  If you have to ask you don’t want to know… but see the pic above for an idea.

Ok, truth be told she’s not the only one excited to go see the Greatest Show On Earth.  I did a happy dance in my car when I saw the circus train on the tracks today.  We’re going on Saturday.  It’s going to be a very long Friday at work I can already see it.  More excited for the circus than for Christmas.


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