Happy 6(9) Year Anniversary!

It’s the one thing Ryan and I have argued over for years.  He says since we acted married from the start it should be 9 years but by paper it’s only 6.  Since he made me a deal when we got married that I could get a diamond anniversary band to match my wedding band when we got to our 10 year anniversary I’ll agree to the 9 year mark.  Now, he’s all for this until I remind him about the shiny promise… then we’re back to the legal numbers.  😦  Poo  I likes me my shiny stuff!

Regardless who wins this one it’s our anniversary all the same.  We got to take a trip last year to see all the pretty colors of the Lake of the Ozark area.  It was a lovely long weekend.  No plans other than some nice quiet alone time this year though.  I have one amazing man I tell ya!


I found mine!


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