The Big Reveal

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about some big life changes that were in the works.  But since it wasn’t 100% confirmed I wasn’t able to reveal all of the details.  It’s still not 100% but I’d venture a guess that it’s closer to 98% and that’s close enough for me.

Starting Monday I’m going back to school.  School isn’t something new to me.  I’ve often taken a class or two here and there over the years (that’s how I got my associates degree after all).  What makes this change huge and scary is that I’m going full-time and will only be working part-time.  Well that plus a slew of other minor things like student loans which as of this point I have never had to use (work reimbursement was great while it lasted).

Cleveland Chiropractic College

Cleveland Chiropractic College

I will be attending Cleveland Chiropractic College and by the end of the summer I will have finished my bachelor degree in biology.  Adding to everything else that’s terrifying me about this change is that classes are accelerated.  That alone is a challenge but when I get to take a ton of different chemistry classes that are eight weeks each I find myself freaked out.  OH!  And it gets better… my first eight week session’s grades in general chemistry 2 and organic chemistry 1 will dictate my acceptance (or lack thereof) to the chiropractic program in the fall.  I’m terrified and excited all at once.  I just have to make this work.

I have a great support system with all of my family and my friends that function as an even crazier family.  If you find yourself in one of these groups please don’t take any panic attacks personally and forgive me if I forget something as I will have more things to juggle than I am used to.  I love you all.


3 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

  1. I think your new adventure is awesome.. I finished my Bachelors in July of 2012 and it is such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.. Happy New Year to you..

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