Good Job

I don’t know what it is about the human race that makes us want to complain about everything all the time.  We’re quite the pessimistic bunch.  Think about it.  Someone asks how you’re doing and most of us automatically respond with something similar to “not bad.”  Ok so that might be true but why don’t we say we’re going well?  What is it that makes us complain all the time about things that might not really deserve a complaint?  Go out to dinner on a Friday night at 6:30 but get grumpy when you are greeted with a 45 minute wait for a table?  Does it suck? Yes but is it worth bitching about?  No.  Now if that had happened at 2pm at an IHOP ok maybe worthy of grumping about.

Is it so rare that we encounter good service that we forget to comment about it to others?  I was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about a 20-something year old that found an envelope with over $1,000 in it on the ground at a hardware store.  This guy tracked down the owner and what did the gentleman say in response to the good samaritan?  “It better all be there.”  Yah.  He didn’t thank the kid at all.  Not even a “wow I’m a dumb ass for losing that.  Thanks for saving my butt.”

So today I went to the doctor to renew my medication prescription.  I only get one and depending on the time of year sometimes it is on backorder and hard to find.  This is not that time of year even if I did have to seek out three different pharmacies that didn’t have it (not back order issues just their order cycle and they ran out) before I broke free from Walgreens to a CVS where they had what I needed.  I have never really had great luck with CVS over the years so it really took me by surprise with what happened while I was there.  


I did the usual song and dance to update my insurance information then was told that not only did they have the medication but that it would only take 5 minutes before it would be ready.  I’ve worked in retail pharmacy hell so I know 5 minutes means at least 10 especially when I looked up to see only one tech filling and a very busy cashier.  Yah 5 minutes my butt.  I was wrong.  It was exactly 5 minutes and my name was called to pick up my order.  Shocker number one.  Now to make things fun I asked if they could special order some headache powder that I like (lap band= pills usually too large= powder to the rescue) but is hard to find.  They looked and found that their supplier did not carry what I was asking for.  No harm asking I guess.  As I was paying one of the technicians suggested that I check across the parking lot at the Dollar General.  Hells Bells!  Guess what I found over there?

So after getting home I decided I’d write an email to the company telling them about how happy I was with the service I received today.  Except the more I thought about it the more I wanted to make sure that the two girls that helped me were actually told about how happy I was today.  That usually doesn’t get that far down the chain when you email a large corporation.  So I picked up the phone and called the store manager who I could tell at the beginning of our conversation was expecting a complaint.  Nope!  I complimented them and was even happier when he told me that what I had said made his day and he couldn’t wait to address the praise to the proper people.  

Moral of the story? Acknowledge that not everything is awful and praise those that have made your day easier or brighter in one way or another.  The words of praise you hold back can make a hard-working-usually-unappreicated person’s day.



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