My New Bestie

Christmas of 2011 my house was surprised with a very generous gift from my parents. Ok reading that sentence makes it sound like they bought us a car or a pony or something. Nope. As a wife to a tow truck driver and living in the middle of this country I sometimes find myself home alone with many pounds of snow and just a shovel to keep me company. Well, a shovel, a couple of dogs, homework, and Pinterest if I were going to be 100% honest. Hubby wouldn’t leave me to do all the snow management if he didn’t have to play knight in shining armor to people in ditches.

What was the gift? A snow blower. Until today I haven’t really had a huge need to use it yet. Nothing a quick pass of the shovel couldn’t handle. Oh I could have used it a few months ago but it wasn’t really necessary to wake up the crazy druggies I have as neighbors. Today’s snow measured up to the top of my knee. Real scientific around here folks. Yes I know I’m short but I’m guessing that is about a foot of snow.

Here’s the funny part. You will laugh when I tell you how I remember to start my new friend. “Choke three bunnies”. Turn the dial to choke, push the primer three times, and move the lever to the bunny picture, then press the start button. See? I told you I was scientific.

Things I’ve learned about snow blowing:
1- Don’t blow snow up wind from yourself. It does not make it easy to see.
2- A snow blower will throw frozen dog turds just as easily as rocks at your pothead neighbor’s house.
3- Heated handles are niiiiice.
4- Have a plan for where you will be piling up the snow you throw or you will be making a path similar to the little Family Circus kid when he would walk through the neighborhood.
5- Rule number one is very important especially if you forget rule number two.


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