iPad Speaker Mod

I like finding ways to easily modify everyday items to make them better and more personalized. If that takes some tape and a toilet paper tube then so be it. I have seen similar products (ok not nearly as attractive as mine) for sale for over $20. Granted those would outlast my creation but for the pennies that this cost I think I’m ahead.

Take one toilet paper tube cut down it’s length and a small notch on one end removed. Add a fold at the other end to be able to prop it over the corner of the iPad that has the speaker and some tape to hold it together. The idea is that since the speaker faces the back this takes the sound and projects it forward. It’s not the prettiest thing but I really does work well.



2 thoughts on “iPad Speaker Mod

  1. What a great idea! I’m going to try this today.
    I actually remember enough from my physics to know why this works. The tube acts like a bigger and heavier membrane than the original speaker so it amplifies the base and gives a deeper sound. Same reason a small speaker in a big wooden cabinet sounds richer. Sorry, I just wanted to explain the science of this – just in case anybody doubted you! LOL

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