I’ve been at my “goal weight” for a little bit now and it’s made me think about what’s next. When I started talking about having lap band surgery several people asked me what would happen once I “lost all my weight”. No, the band does not get removed or unfilled even. Unless something tragic happens I will die with my band right where it is now.

I have long decided that a “goal weight” was stupid because it’s a made up number to placate my brain when my body may have something else planned. So I decided that my body will find a happy place and it will be good no matter where it is.

I may no longer be fat but I’m also not fit and that’s not ok with me. Enter peer pressure. The great thing about attending a school that focuses on health is the healthy options we are given. Cafeteria food isn’t awful and there are more health smart options than not. We also have a really nice gym. I’d say it’s free but I know how much I pay for tuition and the word free makes me chuckle.

The peer pressure part? Oh nothing a couple of guys with military pasts and a collegiate track/basketball player can’t handle. (Love you guys!) We work out every day after class. Our usual routine is weights (rotating between legs, arms, and core), an Insanity workout (you know THAT infomercial), and then just for fun about an hour or so of elliptical running.

I like this. I never thought I would. I’ve never liked running or any other fitness thing. I like hiking but that’s not exactly the same. Did starting out hurt? Hell yes! Do I feel awesome for the rest of the day? Hell yes! Will I keep this up after our little group’s schedule changes? Definitely.



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