And Then Woman Created Fire

I love camping. It rejuvenates me. Last year for my birthday the hubs bought me a fire pit to use while camping. It was a great gift however then the truck that I would need to haul all of my gear along with the big fire pit decided it wanted a transmission. So no camping with the fire pit for me. Good thing all of the rest if my gear fits nicely into my car.

Well, it is finally a nice enough day to assemble the pit and get rid of some of this wood we have laying around. It’s not fire wood in the typical sense. It’s not cut nicely. It’s not even logs really. It’s more simply the pieces that our trees prune off themselves. Yah, we have self-pruning trees. We’re cool like that. A storm rolls in and poof! Firewood laying all around. So today I’m trying to use some of that free wood to, of course, make room for more self-pruning.



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