Yes, I’ve Found Jesus


Religions fascinate me and they always have.  I do not subscribe to any particular religion.  I am not a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, or Jew.  But this post isn’t about my religion or lack thereof.  It’s about my sometimes inappropriate sense of humor.

I attend a chiropractic school so I finally have a reason to have a box of bones.  Just ask my poor mother and she’ll tell you that I’ve always wanted a skeleton.  Needless to say my anatomy and physiology class (just auditing this one since I’ve taken it before but wanted a refresher before my graduate classes start) uses bones and fun websites depicting different aspects of a cadaver dissection. I’ve arranged to borrow an articulated skeleton from a friend so I have something in my hands to remember all of the names of each bump and dimple on each of the bones.  Don’t worry, sadly, these are not real human bones.

I can’t just have a box of bones in my kitchen and NOT name this poor fellow.  There were a few names tossed around.  BOB was a contender for a little while (Boyfriend Of the Box) until it occurred to me that with the nice weather we’ve been having the door-to-door bible preaching folks would be out soon.  So now when they visit me and ask if I’ve found Jesus I can say YES and proceed to tell them that he’s in a box in my kitchen.  That’s right!  I named my new friend Jesus.

Do I need therapy? Maybe but this entertains me and no humans were harmed in the making of my entertainment so pffffffft  😛


Jesus is my friend.


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