Frozen Butt for Charity

I’m on a Polar Plunge team through school. This is such a good cause I can’t wait to help out! There will be a costume involved but you’ll only get to see it if I meet my fundraising goal. And trust me when I say that it will be worth it. 😉

The event will be held January 25. And for those that were asking, it really does take place outside in a cold-ass Kansas lake. There’s even rules. Think you can just walk in far enough to wet your ankles? Nope! There’s a line of firefighters that make a ring and you have to give a high five before it is considered complete. One high five is all it takes. Is that good enough for my crazy team? Hell no! We’re getting a high five from every single one of those firefighters!

The funds raised go to the Special Olympics. How can you say no?
Polar Plunge Donation



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