Polar Plunge 2014: DONE!

On January 25, 2014 at a lake in northeastern Kansas it was 43 degrees, cloudy, with some occasional drizzle. The water was “colder than you want to know,” as per a firefighter who’s job it was to be dressed in water survival gear and high five plunge participants.

My team (DC2B) got to the lake early to cheer on the other participants that were scheduled before our noon plunge time. So I was dressed in a plaid skirt, black knee socks, and a blue dress shirt tied up in front. Oh, and there might have been some pig tails involved. Even with a coat and a blanket wrapped around me I was plenty cold long before we jumped in the water. But it was such a memorable experience!

Since I promised to post pictures if I made my fundraising goal here ya go! Thanks to everyone that helped me with this one. Thank you Seth for getting me to do this. Thank you Teresa for succumbing to the peer pressure and joining our little team. And a special thank you to Jason and Chris for coming by the lake to support us and take pictures.







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