Very Much Alive

Hemingway once said, “When you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead.” I can’t help but agree with him and after all the fun we had this weekend during our anniversary trip I think we may just live forever.


Table Rock Lake is a huge lake in SW Missouri. Branson (The elderly Vegas of the Midwest) is a part of the 800 miles of shoreline for those that are familiar. With over 43,000 acres of water to explore we had a blast fishing and tubing but the best part was getting two full days away together. The weather has been unseasonably cool so it was completely perfect camping weather. Goldilocks would have even announced it as just right.

We’ve had such a good year together and I can’t wait to share so many more.



Happy Siblings Day!

This pic was for Mom and Dad’s anniversary a couple years ago but I thinks it’s the most recent one with my sister. Happy Siblings Day Kim!


My Old People

Today is my parents’ anniversary (as well as my cousin and her husband).  I know it’s rare anymore to have parents that were married BEFORE I was born and are SILL married with NO BREAKS but it’s a small group of people that I am happy to be a member.  Congratulations Mom and Dad!  We love you!


Happy 6(9) Year Anniversary!

It’s the one thing Ryan and I have argued over for years.  He says since we acted married from the start it should be 9 years but by paper it’s only 6.  Since he made me a deal when we got married that I could get a diamond anniversary band to match my wedding band when we got to our 10 year anniversary I’ll agree to the 9 year mark.  Now, he’s all for this until I remind him about the shiny promise… then we’re back to the legal numbers.  😦  Poo  I likes me my shiny stuff!

Regardless who wins this one it’s our anniversary all the same.  We got to take a trip last year to see all the pretty colors of the Lake of the Ozark area.  It was a lovely long weekend.  No plans other than some nice quiet alone time this year though.  I have one amazing man I tell ya!


I found mine!

Anniversary Trip Recap

Um, hello?  Yes, as promised (seems I do a lot of that) here’s all the info on our anniversary trip.  Yah, it was in November.  So in no particular order I give you the Brannon’s Take Branson:


Ripley's Odditorium

Ripley’s Odditorium was interesting.  We both thought this was a fun stop.  Was it worth the regular admission price of $17.99 plus tax per person?  HELL NO!!!  Was it worth the $10 plus tax we spent because I was able to clean out my cupboards donate food to Harvesters for a discount on tickets? Definately.

Time Share favorite!

Hubby’s parents let us use their timeshare while we were away.  It was amazing!  I love the wooded areas all around the condo.  Too bad it was raining most of the time so I didn’t have a chance to wander around in the beauty.  That’s ok I was perfectly content to spend time in the giant tub or in front of the fireplace.

Yet another fine example of how to relax.

I need to win a lottery so I can retire super early.

Got to see Bass Pro turtles on our way home.

I Swear I Haven’t Been Kidnapped

What a whirlwind of activity lately.

I know I’m a bad blogger (BAD BAD BLOGGER!).  I went off on an anniversary trip a month ago and never checked back.  No pictures, no stories, no sign of life.  We had a great time but I’m afraid it will be after the holiday this week before I’m able to jump back on here to update everyone on our adventures over the last month.