Catch Up

It is officially midterm at school. Well at least it is for my fellow undergrads. I am half finished with organic chemistry 1 and general chemistry 2. We only have four more weeks of 24 hour studying. This much schoolwork plus working part time (more on that momentarily) leaves most of us in a rather fun state of sleep deprivation. Everything is funny to us. So when I came across this comic I laughed till I snorted and laughed some more.


I have received my first part time paycheck. Between the fun new tax stuff Washington passed down, the new insurance issues (a whole different post), and the cut in hours I had no idea how much to expect so I couldn’t arrange a budget until the last minute. I am happy to report that things will be really tight but it is very doable. Nothing that we can’t do. Ok we can’t “do” things like cruises but I’m telling myself that it isn’t because of funding but time issues. Yah. That makes it much better.

So back to classes. I love my new friends. Initially I walked in and it was obvious that almost everyone there was already very well acquainted and had quite a family atmosphere. That’s what you get at a small private school. When I say that it didn’t take long to feel like a part of the group I’m talking about by the end of the first day I felt like I belonged and was being included in things. A rare and beautiful atmosphere. It definitely makes it easier when everyone you come into contact with genuinely wants to help you. Especially when you think about how difficult these classes are but I’d be worried about seeing a chiropractor that had easy classes. They are anything but easy. Yet somehow I’m pulling a B in both classes. I’ll take it!

Ok off to study.


Creamy Goodness





I’m just a little addicted to my Google Reader. I check for blog updates more than I check Facebook. And really when I think about it I follow more blogs than I have friends on Facebook. By… Let’s just say hundreds more. 

The other day I came across a post about 2 minute mayo and realized I had all of the things needed to make it (crazy kitchen gadget* included).  OK, that’s not exactly true.  I didn’t have a lemon or any lemon juice (don’t care for the stuff).  But I did remember that vinegar can substitute for lemon juice.

So off I went.  Separated an egg and put the yolk into a canning jar I had on hand, a bit of spicy mustard, some water, and the vinegar, top it with a cup of canola oil.  Let this sit for as long as it takes to plug in the stick blender*.  And the magic begins!  Place the blender on the bottom of all of the muck in the jar and turn it on.  Once it starts to look like mayo slowly raise the blender up toward the top of the jar.  Mix in a pinch of salt and done!

Store in a container with a lid for up to two weeks in the fridge.

Let me say that I’m a mayo girl and not a Miracle Whip chick. I think I’d like to try to make this again with the lemon juice and see if it turns out a little less Miracle Whip-y if you know what I mean. But seriously easy and super tasty. 

I Know. I Know!


I have to admit something to you, my dear readers. I’ve messed up and I feel that I need to come clean.

Like everyone I have family members that I really don’t like to claim. One of mine has a blog that somehow I got sucked into a couple of years ago. Last winter I went cold turkey and haven’t looked back.

Until today.

I could blame it on my fever but that would be a lie as this bug doesn’t come with one. I could say it was an accidental bookmark selection but since I’m having to do a factory reset on my phone a few times a day I no longer have any bookmarks. It was a moment of weakness. That’s all I know.

In this little weak moment did I find anything interesting? Anything that I’m sad to have missed in my eleven months of absence? Nope. Not a single thing. I really don’t know if that makes my discretion better or worse. I will say that I think it will make it easier to once again forget one of my least favorite members if my family and her little blog too.

Wait. What?

Have you ever read a statement, accepted it, and a half a second later realized that it is completely absurd?  Yah, me too.  I just logged onto my WordPress account and one of the things that it displays along with the number of readers each day is the “top searches” list.  This is basically what people put into a search engine to find my little slice of the web.  Here’s what I found today…

bullseye tattoo on lap band port

Really?  That just seems a bit odd to me.  I can see bullseye, tattoo, or even lap band.  But the whole thing?  It makes me wonder about the mental stability of the net-surfing public.  Wait.  I have actually typed those words into a search engine. 

Nevermind. I am perfectly normal and so is the brilliant person who did that search to find little ol’me.  Thank you.

Hazard of Being a Biblio-Slut

Being the book slut that I am I find some of my spare time actually surfing the net being bounced to one book themed site to the next.  The other day I crossed paths with Jeaniene Frost’s blog site (here).  After reading several (ok, ALL) of her posts I’ve found that I really like this lady.  On the surface she’s a best selling urban fantasy romance author of a successful series but after reading her blog I find a really friendly and sometimes quirky chick that I would love to just hang out with.  Now, I know my taste in books has been morphing a bit lately but Jeaniene is definitely on the top of my “books to buy” list.  Why don’t you drop by her blog and check out her contest?  While you’re at it here’s her “official” author page too.  Enjoy!

I Need Your Help.

I have just given up.  Yes, it takes a lot to get stubborn me to say that.  I’ve just walked away from about two hours of blog jumping with nothing to show.  I was looking for other blogs that I would like to follow.  I’ve got quite a list going on my google reader.  Most of which are food related (I only try recipes that other people have raved about… it’s safer for all involved).  I  don’t think I was asking to find something that didn’t exist.  Here’s what I was looking for.

  1. No “countdown to the Big Day” blogs (or those that are still basking in the wedding day/honeymoon glory for that matter).
  2. No here’s-the-top-10000000-reasons-MY-baby-is-so-much-better/smarter/cuter-than-your-baby blogs.
  3. No blogs from people that have everything they want (“what do you mean you live paycheck to paycheck?”).
  4. No blogs about how to find the latest celebrity trends.  Sorry folks, I don’t care.

Now, I could be asking for too much I know.  But surely there’s SOMEONE out there that isn’t blogging about looking fab in her latest Gucci purchase while meeting with her designers for the new baby’s room since after all the best kids are conceived during the honeymoon.  If you know of a site you think is worthy PLEASE pass it my way will’ya?