Catch Up

It is officially midterm at school. Well at least it is for my fellow undergrads. I am half finished with organic chemistry 1 and general chemistry 2. We only have four more weeks of 24 hour studying. This much schoolwork plus working part time (more on that momentarily) leaves most of us in a rather fun state of sleep deprivation. Everything is funny to us. So when I came across this comic I laughed till I snorted and laughed some more.


I have received my first part time paycheck. Between the fun new tax stuff Washington passed down, the new insurance issues (a whole different post), and the cut in hours I had no idea how much to expect so I couldn’t arrange a budget until the last minute. I am happy to report that things will be really tight but it is very doable. Nothing that we can’t do. Ok we can’t “do” things like cruises but I’m telling myself that it isn’t because of funding but time issues. Yah. That makes it much better.

So back to classes. I love my new friends. Initially I walked in and it was obvious that almost everyone there was already very well acquainted and had quite a family atmosphere. That’s what you get at a small private school. When I say that it didn’t take long to feel like a part of the group I’m talking about by the end of the first day I felt like I belonged and was being included in things. A rare and beautiful atmosphere. It definitely makes it easier when everyone you come into contact with genuinely wants to help you. Especially when you think about how difficult these classes are but I’d be worried about seeing a chiropractor that had easy classes. They are anything but easy. Yet somehow I’m pulling a B in both classes. I’ll take it!

Ok off to study.


How to save a buck and still stay caffeinated

I have found since I’ve started playing the Dave Ramsey money game that my budget for caffeine has increased.  I never realized how much money I was spending over at Celestial Dollar coffee hut.  Now it’s rather sad that the $30 I budget for two weeks of eating out really is just coffee type drinks.  I’m a sucker for a skinny mocha.  Or a skinny white chocolate mocha.  Or a… well you get the point.

Here’s the bad part.  Most people only have a Celestial Dollar either to or from work.  I’m not so lucky.  I have one about ten feet from my office door.  We are lucky (?) to be able to put our order in on the way to the bathroom and by the time we are finished washing our hands our giant cup of hot frothy goodness is ready and waiting.  If you figure that each cup of this divine beverage is about $3.50 my measly budgeted $30 is only enough to procure eight glasses of happiness.  Average work week is 5 days.  Budget is for every 14 days, 10 of which are worked.  I see a gap.

There must be a better way.  Enter my friend Hills Bros (or Hills Brothers for those who remember a more retro time).  I have found my secret weapon to help balance my budget.  White chocolate caramel cappuccino.  For the price of one large venti order of cappuccino I can have an entire container of powdered goodness.  Apparently per the nutrition on the side of the box this is supposed to be able to make 17 servings.  Ok so math time… $3.55 / 17 = $0.21 per serving!!  Saving me ultimately $56.80 for every 17 servings.  SCORE!  Go now and there’s even a coupon on their site for $0.50 off.


Can't wait to try the other flavors!


Money, Money, Money

So often I find myself looking for proof before I’ll believe something.  Whether it be a review on a product or a testimonial for a company.  I like to see that something has worked before I jump on the bandwagon.  This is the case with my latest endeavour.  


Meet Dave Ramsey.  To listen to this man you would think he’s a bit maniacal and his methods are, in the words of my friend Chaser, “simple”.  Now unlike so many people out there I don’t have any credit cards.  I learned my lesson during my divorce with that one.  However I do seem to have a hard time making all of my money stretch for all of our bills.  By bills I’m talking about utilities, mortgage, and other things like that. 

As mentioned previously I don’t like to join the bandwagon of things I haven’t seen proven to work.  Let me share a short story with you as to why I finally decided to plunge into Dave Ramsey’s program.

Two of my very best friends are married.  He wanted to go back to school and start a new career.  Together they have quite a bit of school loans and their living arrangements are not what they really want.  They’ve been following the “simple” principles that Dave teaches for almost two years and have not only made their money stretch they have somehow saved enough to have an emergency fund for their emergency fund.  That’s proof enough for me that it can work. 

Starting tomorrow (since it’s pay day around here) I will be following the Ramsey Financial Peace University program for budgeting.  I’ve got my  list of what gets paid out of this check as well as what gets to be saved.  OH!  And of course my allowance- a girl’s got to have a little fun (ok so more like a very little fun)!

I’m going to be doing this for the next three months as a test run.  I’m sure that it will be a good thing for my family.  After all, I’ve seen the results.

Excited and Nervous

So excited to show you all my new baby. 

She’s a 2008 Dodge Avenger SE.  I picked her up last night.  Here’s my favorite part about her so far (other than she’s not a mini van)…


Maybe this is why Mom keeps calling me “rum runner”.  Hmmm could be a good name for the car.  Other ideas?

Now here’s what makes me nervous… I’ve never had a car payment.  Not that it’s any different from any other bill.  Just that I’ve never had one before.  Just gives me a really good reason to actually stick to a budget.  Button (and Dave Ramsey) is going to help me with that tomorrow.  Should be interesting.

"Gas $89" what year was this made?!?