Contest is Almost Closed! Hurry!

Ok, guys.  Just a reminder that the contest closes tonight at midnight.  You have to reply to the email that WordPress sends to verify you are a human.  The good/bad news is that there aren’t that many people in this drawing as of right now.  So the odds of winning are REALLY good right now.  What are you waiting for?


Everyone Likes Friends

UPDATE: I’ve been informed that in order for all of you lovely people to actually be subscribed you have to reply to an email that the system sends you as a verification that you are, in fact, human.  I know it’s a bit of a stretch for some of you (who am I kidding… I’m included in this some days) but let’s pretend that we are all human around here and reply to the email your provider probability thinks is spam.  So if you have signed up and not seen this email please check your spam file.

So here are the details you’ve been waiting for.  The contest is this.  Sign up for email notification and comment here that you’ve done so.  That’s it.  Place a comment on this post to let me know how many friends you’ve sent this way (honor system here people) and I’ll add your name to the drawing again!  So here’s the break down… sign up yourself (get a chance), have a friend sign up (they get a chance PLUS you get another chance), sign up another friend (they get a chance PLUS you get yet another chance).  See how this works? I will send the winner an email to let them know that they’ve won.

If you’re a bit confused as to where you would sign up for this amazing drawing of a yet-to-be-determined prize (see what’s in the lead here) take a look at the calendar in the upper right corner of the page… the sign up is directly below that… “EMail Subscription”.  Now get to it!  This contest closes Aug 15.

Hazard of Being a Biblio-Slut

Being the book slut that I am I find some of my spare time actually surfing the net being bounced to one book themed site to the next.  The other day I crossed paths with Jeaniene Frost’s blog site (here).  After reading several (ok, ALL) of her posts I’ve found that I really like this lady.  On the surface she’s a best selling urban fantasy romance author of a successful series but after reading her blog I find a really friendly and sometimes quirky chick that I would love to just hang out with.  Now, I know my taste in books has been morphing a bit lately but Jeaniene is definitely on the top of my “books to buy” list.  Why don’t you drop by her blog and check out her contest?  While you’re at it here’s her “official” author page too.  Enjoy!

A Contest!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a contest around here.  I figured that with finals next week we needed a bit of fun.  Here’s the idea… make a caption for the picture below.  Simple enough.  Now remember to leave your submission as a comment.  You have until May 25 at noon.  The winner will be announced the next day.

Come on guys!  This has been up for a week and there’s only TWO entries?  Trust me the prize is really worth it.  For those that would like to comment and don’t have the privilege of living in the center of the US the prize CAN be shipped… internationally even if it comes to it.  So… what’s stopping you.  It can be dirty, funny, cute.  If you don’t post it you won’t win.