Spring Break 2015 Trip

I’ve lived in the Midwest for most of my life and it still surprises me sometimes at how I haven’t explored some places yet.  Saint Louis isn’t very far and yet this weekend was the first time I got to visit.  I was able to surprise the BF 100%.  He had no idea where we were going or what we were doing (let alone that I had planned on meeting up with some of his family).  It was a great weekend with perfect spring weather.

Saint Louis is known for its arch, its blues, and the Cardinals.  Although it’s still spring training we still got to see some games on TV.  Kansas City blacks out the Cards spring training here… something about having two teams in the same state makes people a little crazy.  We spent some time by the mighty Mississippi River and the Arch.  We actually stayed just a couple blocks from the arch so we were able to see it in all it’s shiny glory (and almost everything was within walking distance).  Now the blues in this town is of a caliber you have to see to believe.  Absolutely amazing shows in the small dive bar we found on our first night in town.  I can’t wait to go back.

Overall the trip was grand but, as always, the company was the best part.  Sharing good times with good people makes everything better.  I’ve been blessed with such great people in my life (both my family and his). Spending time together with the BF always makes separating harder but it also makes us stronger.




Nothing like a day off from work.  I had planned on going to an outdoors woman event that the parks and rec folks were having but it was full when I tried to sign up. But I’d already asked for the day off and gotten it approved months ago.  OK enjoy the day, right?

Now we have a change in plans. My only living grandmother is flying in from California today. Sweet!  I already have the day off so I can enjoy her company. Super.

Big family dinner planned for tomorrow night.

Except for one tiny detail.

I’m sick. 

Yah.  Kind of sucks. Wouldn’t you agree?

Oh well. I only get to see her every few years. 

It’s ok. You Can Hate Me. I Would.

Everyone knows it’s just a few hours till the weekend starts.  Most people even know that it’s a holiday weekend.  Meaning most people also have a three-day weekend. 

Not me. 


I don’t even have the illustrious four-day weekend that oftentimes happens with long weekends. 

Here’s the part where you get to hate me. 


I have a five-day weekend. 

See?  Told you.  But it’s ok.  I’m not going anywhere or doing anything huge. 

Although there may be a round of golf with Dad involved and a concert or two if the stars align just right.  See you all next week and be safe out there!

Thank You Mr. President

I give you something direct from the President of the United States to me (ok well maybe not just me)…

I had the email posted here but upon further thought I figured that I really didn’t feel like getting in trouble with this great government for having it posted… I’ll sum it up for you.

“Executive order”, “By the authority vested in me as the President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America”, ” Closing of Executive Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government of Friday, December 26, 2008“.