Year In Review

ImageWith 2013 almost over it’s about time to reflect on everything that’s happened in the last 365 days or so.  I’ve had a busy year.  Most people say that but compared to my previous years this one takes the cake.

  • I changed from full-time to part-time at work
  • I started at Cleveland Chiropractic College to finish up my undergrad work
  • It snowed… a LOT (cleaning up feet upon feet of snow alone sucks)
  • I was snowed in at work so patients would have the care they deserve
  • I had a birthday (duh)
  • I was accepted into the doctorate program
  • I left my job completely to start school full time
  • I put two dogs down for serious health reasons just a few weeks apart
  • I filed for divorce (which wasn’t exactly smooth)
  • I lost two dogs in the split (still have my little cuddle buddy though)
  • I lost a best friend that had been by my side for years
  • I’ve learned how hard it is to take care of a house completely alone (although it’s not changed that much)
  • I’ve started the doctorate program at Cleveland University Kansas City (they got university status in January)
  • I’ve made numerous new friends
  • I’ve had more than a few first dates
  • I’ve found a new best friend and confidant 
  • I’ve learned that I’m not as strong as people believe I am but I’m stronger than I think
  • I’ve been able to check several items off of my bucket list
  • I’ve learned that I like quiet

Overall I think that it’s been a very good year.  Lots of changes but change is good.  Being able to adapt to those changes is better.  I’m stronger for everything that I’ve experienced and as much as I’d like to say that I would rather have had a quiet year I wouldn’t change it for anything.  I finally look forward to the future and welcome it and all that it brings.


The End


As of today my divorce is official. He didn’t change, I did, and communication failed. The end.

Have no doubts that this is a good thing.

Thank You

Some major life changes have been going down in the ramblin’ house the last few weeks. The most prominent is that I am now living alone. I have my trusty guard dog of course but I am devoid of another human under my roof. It is a good change for me, I assure you.

Change brings many challenges and this change is no different. My first order of business is cleaning and reorganizing everything in the house. An act of reclamation, if you will. As I work my way through the house I am also making a list of repairs that need to be done. Here’s the fun part: my neighbors are helping.

I came home one day to find my neighbors from both sides talking about what they could do to help. They had already decided that they would repair some of my fence and fill in the giant ruts that repeated tow truck travel had created (much better than their bake a cake idea if you ask me). How do I thank them for their time and sweat? A bottle of booze perhaps? No, that was given after they helped shovel up the trash left behind in the basement and hauled out seven bags of it to the curb. This called for something better by far. This called for BBQ.

So I am up early with two pretty pig pieces on the smoker. I can’t wait to share this with everyone! They’ve already done so much for this damsel in not-so-much-distress I look forward to thanking them with a full belly of tasty pulled pork.


9/11 Not Just A Tragic Day

Before the tragic 9/11 attacks 10 years ago September 11th was just another day.  Sure, it was the day that Cold War leader Khrushchev died (1971) .  It was also the day that a Texas commuter plane crashed (1991).  Not to mention the endless birthdays and anniversaries that fall on September 11th.  And of course there’s a special event that is near and dear to my heart that happens to land on this date as well. 

What is this great event of which I hint? 

My birthday?  Nope.

My anniversary?  Nope.

The date that I won the lottery?  It’s better than that!

It’s my divorciversary!  Eight years ago I went into a Shawnee County courtroom with a knot in my stomach, my head down low, and my lawyer on my arm.  A little while later I walked out of that courtroom with my head up, shoulders back, spring in my step, and divorce decree in my hand (not to mention a different last name).  You see that’s what happens when you lose 300 pounds in just a few short minutes.  It was great!  Easily one of the top three greatest things I’ve ever done.

With that being said part of me feels bad that on this day of remembering our great nation’s loss I’m out happy as a clam.  So if you see me please forgive my happiness.