I’ve been at my “goal weight” for a little bit now and it’s made me think about what’s next. When I started talking about having lap band surgery several people asked me what would happen once I “lost all my weight”. No, the band does not get removed or unfilled even. Unless something tragic happens I will die with my band right where it is now.

I have long decided that a “goal weight” was stupid because it’s a made up number to placate my brain when my body may have something else planned. So I decided that my body will find a happy place and it will be good no matter where it is.

I may no longer be fat but I’m also not fit and that’s not ok with me. Enter peer pressure. The great thing about attending a school that focuses on health is the healthy options we are given. Cafeteria food isn’t awful and there are more health smart options than not. We also have a really nice gym. I’d say it’s free but I know how much I pay for tuition and the word free makes me chuckle.

The peer pressure part? Oh nothing a couple of guys with military pasts and a collegiate track/basketball player can’t handle. (Love you guys!) We work out every day after class. Our usual routine is weights (rotating between legs, arms, and core), an Insanity workout (you know THAT infomercial), and then just for fun about an hour or so of elliptical running.

I like this. I never thought I would. I’ve never liked running or any other fitness thing. I like hiking but that’s not exactly the same. Did starting out hurt? Hell yes! Do I feel awesome for the rest of the day? Hell yes! Will I keep this up after our little group’s schedule changes? Definitely.



Day 4: Failure and Disappointment

Just when I thought I’d convinced myself that this waking up super early to exercise thing was going well I find a speed bump. Up at 4am yesterday due to an alarm clock fluke from the other side of the bed on a day I have class till 9:30pm means a shot of espresso at 1 and a coffee at 5. Sounds fine until I’m in bed doing deep breathing exercises to try to fall asleep at 1am. Finally drift off only to be startled awake by a dog that can’t hold it at 2:30. Alarm goes off at 5 and… I turn it off.

As my dear husband pointed out last night when I was whining about being sore, if I quit now it will just be harder to start again. I hate when he’s right.

Jillian wins today but I’ll be fighting back again tomorrow.


Day 3: Deeper into Hell


I actually completed the entire workout today! Granted if I sit for too long now I need help getting back up. But I finished it!

This is not to say that I did the majority of the workout without using Jillian’s modified moves. Because that would be a lie. I don’t even care. I can do pushups for the entire time I’m supposed to be doing them. Are they the girly kind using my knees instead of my toes? Hell ya! Is this program kicking my ass? Duh.

I just really hope that my formerly round body catches on soon and stops this super sore routine. Because it is making things hard. Like getting into the car, standing up from the toilet, and don’t even ask me to sit on the floor.

Jillian Death Match Day 2

After doing my first Ripped in 30 workout yesterday I realize what I’ve signed up for. The program is made up of three circuits of her 3-2-1 set up plus warm up and cool down. The 3-2-1 is 3 minutes of strength moves, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute abs. Sounds easy, right? HA! Yesterday I only got through the second circuit. Today my goal was to get past that point.

I still didn’t finish the workout but I did get past where I quit yesterday. So I’m happy with how I did. I have learned a few things though.
1: When she says have water handy. Do it.
2: Fans running on high are very helpful.
3: Wearing shoes really helps.
4: During the cardio sections large-chested women can count on not doing the arm movements because you will be holding the girls down to avoid black eyes. Not even trying to be funny.

After my workout yesterday I expected to be sore but WOW. Even a hot shower didn’t help much. What did help? Another workout. I’ve heard of hair of the dog but never in this context. Guess this is incentive to keep it up.

Do You Zumba?

Since my surgery I’ve known that I really need to start incorporating exercise but I really hate going to a packed stinky gym to use a treadmill like a hamster in a wheel.  Know that I do have a gym membership and I do go about twice a week before work to try and avoid most of the other hamsters.

I have also found a free exercise class that I’m completely in love with (thanks to work offering it).  Zumba!  Ok, to try and explain Zumba it is like Jazzersize on Latin crack. Take a look for yourself.

Since I really am one of the least coordinated people on this lovely Earth know that even I can do this without falling on my face.  So really anyone can Zumba.  And since I’m told that the average one hour class burns about 1,000 calories how can I complain about all of the sweating involved?

Advice if you are thinking about trying Zumba?

  1. Don’t worry about missing steps… Just move!
  2. Wear shorter pants (after stepping on longer ones I learned this early)
  3. Wear lightweight shoes
  4. Bring a towel
  5. Bring lots of water
  6. HAVE FUN!!!

Call Me Crazy

My plan for today was to get up at 4am and go work out. This would give me enough time to be able to come home to shower and get ready for work. This plan is crazy enough. Here’s how it actually worked out. R came to bed at about 1:30 and proceeded to tell me about his day. This would have been fine had I not gone to be at 8. When he finished and started snoring is about the time my body decided it was not going back to sleep. That would be how I found myself working out in a completely empty gym at three in the morning.

On the other hand I was able to get a two hour nap in before I had to get ready for work. And the best part is that I was completely energized all day long. Might have to try this again.