Reversing the Failure

A few weeks ago I posted about how I fell off the lap band wagon a bit.  I wasn’t following any of the rules that I was supposed to and had called to schedule a fill.  Three days before Christmas I got my fill.  It went well which has been rare for me in the past.  My surgeon’s office now does all fill procedures under fluoroscopy.  Think of it as a moving x-ray.  Here’s the simplified version of what happened.

  • Get poked by giant looking needle (took 3 times to find my port even with the floro assisting… silly crooked anatomy)
  • Stand up and move into position
  • Drink “orange” barium to see how my restriction is before getting any additional saline put into the band
  • Find out I had “almost zero restriction”.  Translation inside my head: Holy Cow! No wonder you’ve gained 10 pounds in just a few months!
  • Doctor K adds 1 cc of fluid (1 cc = 1/5 of a teaspoon)
  • Drink “orange” barium again
  • Doctor K announces “That’s a bit tighter than I’d like”
  • Doctor K removes 1/2 cc
  • Drink water
  • Witness that the previously swallowed barium now flows slowly but much better through stoma (opening from band made pouch to lower stomach)

The pictures below are not of me or my parts but they will give you a good idea of what happened the other day.


Drink up!


How has the fill been treating me?  Good.  I’ve added to the no-no list of foods.  Sadly, potatoes in all forms are on this list now sigh.  As are pork chops unless cooked to a medium well, chicken that isn’t roasted,  beef roast unless there’s a ton of sauce to help it down, thick-skinned veggies (bell peppers this means you), pizza, and bread.  I don’t even dare try something as crazy as a burger of any kind.  Pasta is still on the go list though thank the gods! I was always told that as the restriction on my band gets to where it should be my ability to eat much of these things would become very limited.  Which is fine.  I just need to remember not to push it.  Yacking isn’t fun.  Really I mean it. 

Hardest thing for me to remember?  Listen to my body.  If I’ve had a half a cup of yogurt and my body silently tells me that’s enough it means THAT’S ENOUGH AND PUT THE DAMN THING DOWN!

Best part about all of this?  I’ve already lost 8 of those pesky 10 pounds** I gained the last couple of months.  And to that I say I’M BACK!

**And to answer those fools that say I shouldn’t flip out about gaining back 10 pounds I want to remind you that where I’m at 10 pounds is a pant size.  Eating too much and the sensations it brings are just the beginning for me.  10 pounds turns into 20 pounds which turns to gaining back everything I’ve worked so hard to lose plus some.


Yes, I’m Failing


This is the part where I get to tell you that I’ve become totally complacent and I’m paying for it.  The holiday season is more than just nonstop eating of super rich tasty treats.  I know! I was surprised too.

Over the summer I was able to spend quite a bit of time outside. I’d take hikes, go fishing, and spend time camping.  I miss all of that fun.  I never thought about it as exercise. I haven’t gotten a lapband fill in a very long time and I’m sure that if I’d really been working with my band how I’m supposed to I would be at my goal. But I haven’t.

Drinking 60+ ounces of water a day? Nope
Getting 60+ grams of protein a day? Doubt it.
Exercise regularly? Not really.
Drink with meals? Most of the time.

See what I mean? Failure at each piece of the program.  Well call it a reason or call it an excuse it is what it is.  And Thursday I will take my first baby step back into the bandy fold. I’m getting a fill.

But the family holiday weekend is in a few days, you say? Yes.  I’ll still be on liquids when the rest of the family is gorging on Monica’s famous lasagna.  And I’ll still be on mushy foods when the other half of the family is digging into chicken fried steak that I’ll be making.  And you know what? I’m ok with all of that.  It’s the time spent with these people that I’m most looking forward too not the garlic breaded goodness or the gravy smothered beefyness.  Yah that’s it.  🙂

Fill Me Up Doc!

I went to the surgeon today to get another fill in my Lap Band.  The ultimate goal of a fill is to find what they call your “green zone”.  It’s where you can eat without any of the food coming back up, where you don’t feel hungry between meals, and where you have good weight loss.  It’s Lap Band perfection. 

I’ve felt for a few weeks now that if I had just a little more in my band that things would be better for me.  Well, today my wish was granted.  I got an additional 0.5cc for a grand total of 5cc in a band that can hold 10cc.  Hopefully this will force my Satan Scale to figure out that a certain number has worn out its welcome.

One Heck of a Week

Today is our anniversary.  I’ve spent most of it sleeping on the couch.  No we’re not fighting.  We’re sick.

This nightmare of a week started Tuesday when I was teaching.  I had the “got a bit of a tickle cough” going on.  Only to wake up Wednesday with a heck of a temp.  We’re talking 102 when I left early from the office.  After a nice nap on the couch I went to my psych follow-up (part of the lap band program) and didn’t feel well at all there then it was off to the walk in clinic my primary care dr office offers.  I was so not happy with this experience.  Let’s just say that for people who are not feeling well sitting ALONE in a waiting area for two flipping hours makes you feel so much better.

Anyway, once I was seen by the triage nurse she told me to talk to the lap people.  Um, ok.  Let me word this carefully.  Getting my nostril pierced hurt less than getting my nasal passage swabbed.  Then because that went so well the lab lady decided that my throat should be swabbed as well.  Yippee.  At least these tests were of the rapid variety.  Both came up negative for flu and strep respectively.  Back to the exam room.  Dr comes in.  Dr says “well the tests were negative so looks like it’s viral.  Want a note for work?”  I really think that my eye was starting to twitch after that one.  So two hours waiting and about five minutes being seen I get a note for work and an order to call them if it gets worse and I can come back in (for another copay).  Not happening.  I went straight to bed only to wake up at about 2am with a temp of 103.2 and seeing sparkly things.  Good times.

Cool shower and sleeping on the couch helped to pull that temp down to a more manageable 100 or so.  Only to have to go to the surgeon’s office to get my first fill.  I waited five weeks for this I was going come hell-or-high-water.  Yeah, did attempted to do that.  Apparently the port where they inject the saline into the band has shifted somehow and I have to get my fill under x-ray.  But the lady that schedules these isn’t in until Monday.  Just getting better isn’t it.  Going back home to bed.

Silly me thought that I could teach that night.  HA!  Ok, it’s not like I could call and get a sub so I went in.  Got home and you betcha… 102 again.  Ugh.  See a pattern yet?  Stayed in bed Friday.  All day.  It would have been nice except now in addition to the fever I’m producing enough green garbage to sink a small barge.  Fast forward to today.  Sunday.  Anniversary.  Yeah, right.  He got a mini quiche breakfast because it was super easy and I felt bad about not doing anything else for the poor man… and back to bed.  I’ve got to go into work tomorrow.  Not sure how that will go but it will be done.  Prayer heals, right?  Yeah, let’s try that.