Fancy Clothes and Fun Times


I am just over one year into my journey to become a doctor of chiropractic.  It is daunting and I’ve struggled along the way.  But if it was supposed to be an easy path then everyone would be called Doctor.  Cleveland Chiropractic College is unlike any other academic environment I’ve ever experienced.  When I tell people that we are a family, I don’t think they fully grasp how deep our love for each other really lies.  I’ve heard about super competitive schools and while we are competitive, ours is a friendly competition and not the cut-throat sabotage variety. At any time someone will offer tips for how to study for a test or freely share their old notes with another student.  It is the most genuinely caring environment I’ve ever been privileged enough to call home.

When people say it is a blessing to lift others up so they might succeed I am proud to say that Clevelanders exhibit this every single day without a second thought.  It is as much from the faculty as it is from the other students.  I know that at any time I can talk with a professor who will set everything down, and with genuine interest, answer any questions I might have or offer guidance if that’s what I’m needing.  Open door policy is a way of life here and even with instructors that I may not have taken classes from yet.

Once a year we all get together for a night of relaxing fun.  It’s the Cleveland Chiropractic formal.  Everyone gets dolled up, enjoys a great meal, and shares some laughs with students and faculty alike.  The food was delicious, the music was perfect, and everyone had a great time.  It’s a nice reminder that every once in a while we all need to set the studying down and step back to enjoy the life we are living right now.  Once we are finished with school and have our fancy diploma we will wish that we could have spent more time with our chiropractic family.

I raise a glass to you all.  You are the support group that others should strive to become!

Chiro Prom 2015

Chiro Prom 2015


Neighbor Fun


I have lived in the same house for seven years and have just recently become friends with my neighbors. I’ve always known who they were and would share a few words in passing. But in the last few months I’ve really gotten to know them well and I’ve decided that they’re about the best people I could have asked to have living near me.


There are so many reasons and all of them different.

Have you ever been sent a message from a neighbor telling you that they have a plate of dinner ready for you? I have had this happen about four times so far this summer. Do I reciprocate? You bet! I love cooking for people! They got a loaf of zucchini bread tonight.

They’re helping to repair some damage to my property and connecting me with really good deals on resources to get some of the stuff done too. Have plumbing issues? They’ve got me covered. Need a dog sitter? Got that covered too. Need to know the best deals for saving cash at the store? Got help with that even! Haven’t seen a movie they were talking about? Here’s the DVD to borrow.
Don’t feel like walking around to the gate on the other side of the fence? There’s a pool ladder that will fit nicely over the fence for easy traveling (I didn’t say we weren’t redneck about this stuff).

Forget having to borrow a cup of sugar or an egg like in the past. These neighbors go far beyond that degree of kindness. And I can guarantee it’s genuine.

Tonight I needed a bit of a study break. Just in time to join a sparkler party with my friends next door. There’s something special about seeing a bunch of adults playing with sparklers.

Every day they continue to show me how blessed I am to have them in my life. Each and every one of them bring something unique and I am proud to call them friends.

Yes, I’ve Found Jesus


Religions fascinate me and they always have.  I do not subscribe to any particular religion.  I am not a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, or Jew.  But this post isn’t about my religion or lack thereof.  It’s about my sometimes inappropriate sense of humor.

I attend a chiropractic school so I finally have a reason to have a box of bones.  Just ask my poor mother and she’ll tell you that I’ve always wanted a skeleton.  Needless to say my anatomy and physiology class (just auditing this one since I’ve taken it before but wanted a refresher before my graduate classes start) uses bones and fun websites depicting different aspects of a cadaver dissection. I’ve arranged to borrow an articulated skeleton from a friend so I have something in my hands to remember all of the names of each bump and dimple on each of the bones.  Don’t worry, sadly, these are not real human bones.

I can’t just have a box of bones in my kitchen and NOT name this poor fellow.  There were a few names tossed around.  BOB was a contender for a little while (Boyfriend Of the Box) until it occurred to me that with the nice weather we’ve been having the door-to-door bible preaching folks would be out soon.  So now when they visit me and ask if I’ve found Jesus I can say YES and proceed to tell them that he’s in a box in my kitchen.  That’s right!  I named my new friend Jesus.

Do I need therapy? Maybe but this entertains me and no humans were harmed in the making of my entertainment so pffffffft  😛


Jesus is my friend.


Hello everyone! A little about me. I am addicted to have a passion for all things yarn, baking, and writing. I’m going back to school for my RN. R and I will be married for two years this November but have been together for five years. We have lived in our own home for just over two years.  We’re trying for our first child but have two very energetic dogs to keep us occupied until that happens.  Since R owns his own 24 hour towing business he’s in and out all the time.  Because of that we stay home entirely too much.  Which leads to so many of my addictions passions.  So it really is his fault.

I’ve had a few other blogs that fizzled out. Mostly due to my busy life. Ok, honestly it’s because I get obsessed on a topic other than blogging and got distracted.  Ooo shiny!

To welcome you all here I will leave you with some of my faves at least for the moment.

Last Christmas I was given a Kitchen Aid mixer.  I love this thing!  She’s just great.  I’ve been looking into attachments but can’t decide which one.  I’ve kind of been leaning toward the ice cream maker.  My friend Kevin posted a recipe that has made this decision MUCH easier.  Take a look.

It may surprise you to know this but I don’t like cake.  There it is.  It has to be a really bad chocolate craving for me to actually believe I want cake.  The crew over at Pink Cake Box really are tempting me.  Some of their creations are just too pretty to eat!

If you ask the people I surround myself with most of them will tell you that I genuinely love to laugh.  Terry over at Bent Objects helps me with this.  Some of his pictures can be found around the drab pharmacy I work in.

My duties at work have been altered some with the huge wave of people retiring lately.  So instead of playing with all of the medications I now get to answer the phones.  I really like the change.  Talking to old men all day is kind of fun.  They think I’m nice and sweet.  HA!  Anyway sometimes there are dead times on the phones leading to my total obsession with Google Reader AND Etsy.  If you’re not familiar with this site it’s basically a giant online craft fair.  It’s for only hand made items.  I find myself on their homepage watching the newest things scroll by.  Yes, I do lead such an exciting life.

Until next time! Be good all!